What we do

We love paper, we love to fold, to cut, to crease, to dye-cut, to lasercut, to assemble and dismantle. Our ideas come to life in a wide range of paper textures, and colour schemes. We are passionate about turning ideas, brand values, into large scale paper event installations, or small scale lasercut custom made, handsculpted exclusive stationery.  

Our story

It all started more than 5 years ago, with just me trying to find the flow that I experienced while working with paper during my years of my university studies Interior Design. Returning to this after 5 years of working in the marketing field, my vision has changed and even though being an entrepreneur was definitely outside of my comfort zone, somehow suddenly everything started to make sense, everything fell into place. I knew exactly where I wanted to be, what I was doing, and how I had to do it, as if all my previous experiences from the years before were leading me towards creating Edinas paper. I am still full of paper world conquering dreams and incredibly grateful ever since. I am lucky enough to share my passion with my wonderful team who turn my vision into reality each and every day. As we all come from a multisdisciplinary background of marketing, and interior design, artistic painting, fashion styling, our understanding of your brand values and vision of the space of your event venue are translated into a one of a kind concept. It unfolds in a delicate yet unforgettable holistic paper installation with your brand in the spotlight.

– Edina Nemeth, founder of Edinas paper


Our clients

We have a very diverse portfolito yet one thing is definitely in common in all of our Clients: they share our passion for creating an experience to remember, to leave emotional impact. Together we want to make a difference, think differently, create something extraordinary. We enjoy the process of thinking together, We love that we get to share our passion of creating an experience to remember.





We love the fact that we get to work together with so many different brands, enabling us to discover and design different shapes, use different techniques, colour schemes, so it is hard to pinpoint our ‘style’. It is not a colour palette or a certain shape, but there is a certain recognizable quality around it and that derives from the balance between the strong, geometric, architectural shapes, and ephemeral, organic, light definitions of space we design.



Our team!

Edina Németh paper installation designer is a commercially minded, creative visionary who is still intrigued by the never ending possibilities of paper. With many years of combined experience from the different fields of architecture, interior design, and marketing, her specialty is translating your brand experience into holistic, one-of-a- kind paper installations. Working in the marketing field, interior and fashion industry for many years our team has experienced the quick pace it takes to keep up with agency life, your Client tenders, ever changing deadlines, we design, we brainstorm, we present, we sketch, we 3D render, to make it easier for our Partners Agencies to present our ideas to their Clients. Once the concept gets into the realization phase we work closely together with our Client to finetune all the details in order to create that carefully planned, breathtaking experience you will definitely remember, whether it is stepping into an event or opening a pop up invitation we created.




Edina Németh

Paper visionary, Founder


Balázs Szabó



Gergő Andorka

Key Account manager


Zsanett Kapinya

Head of production


Péter Mikuska

Graphic design


Máté Bóka

Construction manager


Péter Jakos

Construction manager

  • Testimonials

    „Edina and her team used paper that had been re-cycled through shredding to plan and create designer objects, jewelry, and Christmas decorations for shredding company Fellowes Hungary Ltd. Thanks to Edina and her team, the company was able to bring attention to the importance of data safety issues in a really creative way. The talented designer’s work was very popular with journalists and partners of the company alike as they all received these as a small token of appreciation at Christmas. “

     - Dóra Voirigin, account manager, Well PR

  • Testimonials

    „During the organization of the ball, a lot of planning and flexibility were needed due to the constant refinements for the event. You were a partner throughout; always super precise, with deadlines as with the decorative elements. The paper décor infused with flowers had varying effects on the guests, but they all remember it vividly to this day as it was the most unusual decoration. “

     - Dorina Bognár, event manager, Hungarian State Opera

  • Testimonials

    „Edinas Paper Installations caught our attention immediately and we couldn’t wait for the opportunity to work together with her. The professionalism and innovative way in which they accomplish all requests is incredible. Decoration for the Glamour Women of the Year Gala was one collaboration of the many that I would like to highlight. This is the only pink-carpet event in Hungary and one which celebrates talented Hungarian women thus making it extra important that the decor and the small details all fit the rank of this event. We merely mentioned what we had in mind and Edina knew what was needed straightaway in order to create a vast number of Instagram pictures that showed the magical and glamorous setting. Every single partnership with Edinas Paper has been positive and successful. ”

    - Krisztina Maróy, Editor in chief, Glamour Hungary

Get us involved!

If you like what we do, send us an email to info@edinaspaper.hu, and tell us about your ideas and visions related to your upcoming event! Let’s meet, get to know each other a little better, and we’ll  research to truly understand yout brand in depth, from their we will work our way together towards the final concept.
Let’s create the an experience to remember- from paper!



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